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ejgp info guides

With so much important work being done in the region, we believe it’s crucial for us all to stay in the know. ‘What to Know About’ is a series of info guides designed by EJGP project team members to keep communities informed and up-to-date about some of the policies and decisions, and the important issues in the Pittsburgh area. In creating these comprehensive materials and tools we hope to ground and support work efforts, educate and inform the community, and open the door for collaboration among other organizations. 

Advocacy & Organizer Training Housing Resource Guides

(March 2024)

Tenant Rights /
Derechos Del Inquilino

Unhealthy Housing / Vivienda Insaludables

Evictions /

American Rescue Plan Act Funds Info Guides

(Summer / Fall 2021)

A Local Overview

City of Pittsburgh Spending Plans

Specific Programs

Allegheny County Representation in the PA General Assembly

(Summer 2021)

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