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Equity Researchers Working Group

The Equity Researchers Working Group (ERWG) is a group of researchers, teachers, staff members and others from local colleges and universities who want to use their subject-matter expertise and influence to support community-driven transformational, people-centered change across the Greater Pittsburgh region. It is intentionally based outside of any one university. This group is about being in service to communities, non-profits, and other advocates. 

Join us as we build this working group to:

  • Support community and non-profit research needs

  • Provide expertise in policy advocacy

  • Share data & findings with those who can use it

  • Connect with community groups, non-profits, and others in the EJGP network 

  • Connect with other equity-focused applied researchers and university staff

  • Collaborate with researchers and staff at other colleges and universities 

  • Align work, so that certain communities are not overburdened by research

Interested in joining the Equity Researchers Working Group?

Email us at

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