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In progress: Platform 2.0

During the fall and winter of 2023-2024, we are working on a major revision and expansion of our 2021 Platform. Many of you used Version 1 in your advocacy work, in facilitating conversations, and in making connections between people and ideas. We hope to deliver the updated and expanded Version 2 ready to the new county executive early in their term, in order to make clear what our 200+ organization network sees as necessary to create an equitable and just, people-centered Greater Pittsburgh. 

This work will consist of revising our existing seven areas of focus (education, climate and environment, food, health, housing, livelihoods, and transportation) and adding four new areas: 

  • Data and Technology

  • Democracy and Voting Rights

  • Immigrant Rights and Experiences

  • Public Safety and Legal Justice

Interested in providing feedback on our recommendations? Please email to get access to our feedback documents!

The Platform for an Equitable and Just Pittsburgh was designed to guide how policies, practices, programs, and investments in the region should advance the principles of equity and justice. In 2020 and 2021, we compiled a 64-page platform that outlines our regional priorities across EJGP’s seven different topic areas: education, climate and environment, food, health, housing, livelihoods, and transportation. By bringing priorities from these different topic areas together, we show how all of these issues are connected. These connections provide opportunities for learning exchanges, joint problem solving, and collaboration. 


To guide the development of our platform, we consulted the Equitable and Just National Climate Platform, which seeks to advance the goals of economic, racial, climate, and environmental justice to improve the public health and well-being of all communities while tackling the climate crisis. Other national platforms, including the Movement for Black Lives policy platform, the Housing Justice National Platform, the GreenLatinos policy statement, the Indigenous Principles of Just Transition, the National Economic Transition Platform, and the People’s Bailout, also inspired and influenced our work. Several local organizers were involved in developing some of these other platforms!

Over several network meetings, we revised what we gathered from other platforms and adapted the content for our regional context. Individuals and groups also contributed their thoughts outside of meetings. 

The Platform for an Equitable and Just Pittsburgh is a living document that we will continue to add to, revise, and adapt to better ensure equity and justice. While we have compiled a list of changes we wish to see in our region, there are still additional topics and issues to capture as new challenges may still arise. As we continue to build and strengthen the network and keep this platform up-to-date, we hope you can use this tool to guide your work, to connect, to educate, to advocate, and to hold people, organizations, institutions and others accountable.

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