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our project team


Jason Beery, PhD

Director of Applied Research, UrbanKind Institute

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Ivette Mongalo-Winston, AICP LEED-AP

Founder, Mon-Win Consulting

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Eric Macadangdang, MPA

Network Coordinator,

UrbanKind Institute

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Utilizing a variety of skill sets to support the EJGP is vital to its operations.  To that end, it is a community-led process supported by UrbanKind Institute and Mongalo-Winston Consulting, who coordinate the day-to-day operations. This core group is providing the staff capacity to facilitate meetings, conduct outreach, and promote advocacy efforts. It is our aim to lift up the voices of the region’s residents in order to secure policies, practices, and outcomes for a more equitable and just Greater Pittsburgh. 


Several organizations that were instrumental to the work of All-in-Pittsburgh continue to support the network. These include: Neighborhood Allies, Pittsburgh United, Riverside Center for Innovation, the Hill District Consensus Group, housing advocate Bob Damewood, and community development advocate Malik Bankston. Currently, our network is composed of over 150 different organizations, community groups, and residents. It continues to grow with the common goal of bettering the region and supporting its residents. Read more about our advisory group here.

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